Some basic tips

The Cateran Trail 2013

The Cateran Trail

  • Water – advice on how much and how often to drink can vary. Drink when you feel thirsty and
    ideally you should rehydrate the night before a long walk.
  • ‘Comfort Stops’ – the consequence of following the advice in the paragraph above! Plan your route so that you know where there are public toilets, pubs or cafes in case you get caught short. In more rural areas where such amenities do not exist, then trees, bushes and other ‘hidyholes’ are what you are looking for. But just stay away from any burns or rivers as an environmentally friendly walker.
  • Speed – the Leader will set the pace for the Group appropriate to the grade of the walk and to the abilities of the Group.
  • Walking Poles – some walkers find that they make walking easier and give them more confidence on uneven stretches. Borrow some on a walk and try them out.
  • Walking Alone
    Leave a note of your route and when you expect to be back with a friend or relative.
    Take a map and compass and keep track of where you are.
    Choose a route that is not too long or difficult for you. Be prepared to change it if the weather alters or if you begin to struggle or feel unsafe for any reason.
    Take a mobile phone with you but don’t rely on it, since you may not get phone coverage in all places, particularly in many hilly or remoter areas.
    Weather Conditions can change suddenly in Scotland, so best to check a good weather forecast before setting off.